All photographs  have been realized by Genoese photographer Patrizia Traverso (, and we thank Patrizia for her valuable contribution.
Patrizia has published many books and done many exhibits of her works in Italy and abroad. In her photographic tales («fotoparole»; «photowords»), the written word by poets, writers, philosophers and artists inspires every photographic shot. Among her many books we wish to point out those specifically dedicated to her (and our!) beloved Genoa

  • La Genova di Bacci Pagano – Il Melangolo, 2009 – con Bruno Morchio e Gianni Ansaldi
  • Genova ch’è tutto dire – Immagini per “Litania” di Giorgio Caproni – Il Canneto editore, 2011 – con Luigi Surdich
  • Genova che scende e che sale. Itinerario zen tra ascensori, funicolari e crêuze – Il Canneto editore 2015 – con Giampiero Orselli