The Old Harbour

Porto Antico

Reachable in a few minutes from Hotel Cantore Genoa, the Old Harbour of Genoa (“Porto Antico” in Italian) is a large square overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is over a thousand years old but has twenty years of new life. It is the heart of the new Genoa. Here tourism, culture, shopping, entertainment, sports, dining and taste, boating are born again.
A city inside the city, where you can have fun, work, and meet people. It includes:


Acquario di Genova – Aquarium of Genoa


Acquario di Genova is the Aquarium with the richest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. The exhibition shows more than 70 rooms and about 12,000 living beings of 600 species from all the seas of the world. From the rare manatees and sea mammals, to the best known dolphins; from the penguins, to the great predators of the sea: sharks. And then jellyfish, seals and colorful tropical fish.
During the tour (about 3 hours) you will also see a thousand panoramic views of the Old Harbour of Genoa (“Porto Antico”) alongside the incomparable backdrop of the Gulf of Genoa.

The Biosphere

“A drop of steel and glass”Biosphere is a spectacular spherical structure of glass and steel, designed by architect Renzo Piano and located in the Old Harbour of Genoa (“Porto Antico”). Here you can learn about the fauna and flora of tropical forests, fragile ecosystems threatened by human exploitation, and observe closely more than 150 species, admire their beauty and understand their vulnerability.
Rare specimens of tropical plants: in addition to the tree ferns, the highest in the world grown in pots, there are plants traditionally used by man, such as the rubber tree gum, the coffee plant, banana and cinnamon.


Bigo – Panoramic Lift

HotelCantoreGenova_BigoSimbol of the Old Harbour of Genoa (“Porto Antico”), beloved and iconic almost as much as the lantern, Bigo is the panoramic lift that offers a unique perspective of Genoa.

Designed by Renzo Piano, Bigo evokes the shape of an old crane unloading goods from a ship. Every day of the year, every 10 minutes, the circular cabin takes you quietly up 40 meters and it offers a full view of the harbor and city.